The WE FIT Team specializes in: Women’s Breast Health Education, Women’s Figure Control Consulting, Custom Bra Fitting & distribution of Custom Support Bras.

Our Custom Support Bras & Figure Control Undergarments will give you:

• A slimmer, smoother and more professional look.
• Uplifting support without unhealthy under wire.
• Improve your posture with less stress on your shoulders.
• Confidence to work out, run or jump without embarrassing bouncing,   jiggling or other wardrobe failures.

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For appointments email us at:
Or call (813) 344-7228
We conduct Seminars; Do In-Home Shows with Bra Fittings;
Exhibit & do Bra fittings at Conferences, Conventions & Trade Shows;
and we make individual appointments for Custom Bra Fittings.

The WE FIT Team, of Bras That Fit Well. Com, is dedicated to educating the public about Good Breast Care and the importance of a good support bra.
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diagramDiagram shows posture correction when the Bra, Figure Control and Nu Shape Undergarments are placed correctly on the body. The y give you uplifting support and comfort to the abdomen, lifts the derriere, slims the waist line and helps take pressure off the lower back.